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Absences and Tardies

Absences and tardiness from school, regardless of the reason, limits your child's educational opportunities and can negatively affect his/her grades, academic achievement, promotion, and self-esteem. Together we must encourage good attendance. If a child is absent/tardy from school, our attendance system will automatically generate letters informing you of your child's number of absences.
Students are required to attend school and classes on time each day. Punctuality is a measure of responsibility. When students arrive to school tardy, they are interrupting the learning process that has already started in the classroom, so please make sure you are in your assigned area before the tardy bell rings. The Governing Board of Bonsall Unified School District deems it important that all students learn the value of being punctual. Students may be assigned consequences for 3 or more tardies to school and to individual classes.
Please call the attendance line on each day of absence prior to 10:00 am. All absences should be cleared within 24 hours of the absence or truancy will occur. When calling, please be sure to give your student's first and last name, reason for absence (illness, dental, doctor or personal business), date of absence, your name, and your relationship to the student.
***If you know in advance your child will be absent five days or more, contact the attendance office at least one week prior to the scheduled absence to request an Independent Study Contract.