Sullivan Middle School


Sullivan Football/Volleyball Schedule 2019-2020


September                           Opponent                                         Location                                       Time

Th. 9/19                                Woodland Park                                 Woodland Park                             3:30/4:30

Tu. 9/24                                Double Peak                                      Double Peak                                 3:30/4:30

Th. 9/26                                San Marcos                                         San Marcos                                 3:30/4:30



Tu. 10/1                                Valley Center                                     Valley Center                                 3:30/4:30

Th. 10/3                                Olive Peirce                                        Olive Peirce                                  3:30/4:30

Tu. 10/8                                San Elijo                                             San Elijo                                      3:30/4:30

Mon. 10/14                           Woodland Park                                  Woodland Park                             3:30/4:30

Th. 10/17                             Olive Peirce                                        Sullivan                                         3:30/4:30

Mon. 10/21                           San Elijo                                            Sullivan                                       3:30  Varsity Only

Tu. 10/22                             La Mirada Academy                           La Mirada Academy                       3:30/4:30

Th. 10/24                             Valley Center                                     Sullivan                                           3:30/4:30


Varsity plays at 3:30, JV follows

Online sports physical registration at:
Varsity Coach: Cindy Tomlinson (
Junior Varsity Coach: (pending) If interested please contact Ms. Tomlinson


***Athletic forms and physical MUST be completed and submitted through the website prior to try-outs. Students who are not athletically cleared will not be able to participate.


All students must maintain a 2.0 GPA with no more than one F grade.



Parent Drivers must complete the Volunteer Packet and the Private Driver Form and submit it to the

Sullivan Middle School office.