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Physical Education

Sullivan Shirt - $15
Sullivan Short - $10
Lock - $5   Student can bring own lock but it must be a combination lock
  • Students are expected to wear the Sullivan shirt and short OR a plain white T-shirt OR any color sweats
  • Proper running/cross training shoes are required
  • Leggings, boots, sandals, jackets, sweaters are not acceptable
  • A parent may write a note to excuse a child from strenuous activity.  Student is expected to dress out and will be put on modified activity.  If a student is well enough to attend school, he/she is well enough to dress out and be on a modified program
  • A parent note is good for up to three days and then a doctors note is required
  • If a student is on an extended medical, his/her total points will be adjusted
  • Students begin each quarter with 8 points per day, 5 pts. participation, 3 pts. dressing
  • If a student is absent he/she will need to make up the 8 points
  • Make ups can be done by running a mile before/after school OR by turning in a worksheet that can be provided by the students teacher
  • If a student fails to make up the absence, 8 points will be deducted from his/her grade
  • Students have one week from each absence for make up (unless there is a holiday)
  • If a student is on a medical as per a doctor, student is not expected to make up the work.  The total points for the quarter will be adjusted.  Depending on the length of the medical, a student can receive a NM (no mark) for the grading period
  • If a student is absent but is on a contract the student will be required to keep a daily log of his/her activity if he/she would like credit for the absences.  Students are expected to participate in at least 20 minutes of activity each weekday of the contract.  The log shall be turned into the teacher upon completion of the contract
  • Students will run a timed mile twice per quarter.  Mile is point based
Mr. Anguiano
Mrs. Nordeen
Ms. Tomlinson-Lloyd